5 Red flags when finding a tenant.

Don’t destroy all the hard work you have put in by tenanting rogues’s who  are likely to default on payment. In our experience if people present two or more of these, we raise a red flag on whether we would want to house this person.

  • Don’t let a tenant put you under pressure to move in. Saying things like. I need to move in as soon as possible. I’ve got cash.
  • If Tenants take time to send in onboarding paperwork
  • Don’t let tenants dictate when they can pay you. For example. They say, the room is available on the 15th but I don’t get paid until the 31st.
  • Parents refuse to be a guarantor.
  • No previous landlord experience. There are many legit reasons but if this red flag is raised along with other’s you should be cautious.
  • Take note of how people act on viewings. Were they on time. Were they enthused?